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How to Decorate Your Wedding With Classic Cars

How to Decorate Your Wedding With Classic Cars





















A wedding ceremony is not a complete without the elegancy of vintage classy cars. With many different ideas it can take you relatively a huge amount on time and resources before finding the best cars that suit your style. The following are some of the most common car types that you should consider gracing your big day with.


Bridal bond car


Whenever you want to instantly turn heads on your wedding day this is the best car to go for. The bridal Bond car is a replication of the expensive and classy vintage car hire you find in the famous Bond movies. James bond's Aston Martin, the General Lee and the Batmobile are some of the best ideas of classic cars that you can easily get at any classic car hire store in London.


A rockstar wedding limo


To most people a classic wedding is not yet complete if it did not feature a limousine in it. A limo gives you the best capacity and status quo in any wedding you plan or attend to. A limousine guarantees you class, style capacity and comfort all under one roof thereby helping you save a great deal on your wedding budget whenever cars are concerned.


Open-top party bus


Do you want to provide something fun and exciting for your guests during your wedding? An open top party bus is not only convenient in taking you from one party location without a long procession but also fun to be in. There will be snack, the open air, and the sound system will keep the fun flowing all the way.


Take your car to the water


To some people taking their wedding off land can be a little of a trouble due to the fear of lack of means. If there are waterways connecting your venues, consider taking your procession to the water.




A tandem, or the couple's bike, is the perfect way to putting the newly weds in close isolation and the open skies. Tandem will guarantee you a classic, environmental friendly and cost efficient wedding any day.


Hot air balloon


If your fantasy is always having a wedding in the skies and money is a limiting factor classic car hire firms in London have you all covered up. With the breathtaking views in the sky you will be able to cement your wedding memories with magical photos of your wedding.


Regardless of your classic wedding ideas, classic wedding car hire companies in London have you covered, take a step and visit any of the showrooms and make your dream wedding come true with their classic cars.